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School's ... Out ... for ... Summer!

Truly... where has the time gone? Spring has sprung and we're closer to summer than ever. Bean is officially a first grader, having completed kindergarten successfully (per her teacher). Since our last post, Bean has participated in some beautiful photo shoots with Paige Winn Photography and Sunshower Photography. When I asked her what has been her favorite experience since we've last posted, she said, "Talking with the beauty queen." Who's that you might ask? Brooke Fletcher, former Miss Georgia Teen USA and Miss Georgia USA, and current associate director for ESPNU. Thanks to a pretty neat six-degrees of separation connection, Bean was able to meet and interview Brooke for our first ever "5+ Questions w/ Bean". Why 5+? Because that's how Bean tells people how old she is. The questions + answers will go live this evening but until then - enjoy some of our favorite photos from this shoot with Sunshower Photography and Poppy Whitaker clothing. #staytuned

Skirt: Poppy Whitaker / Top: Gap Kids / Shoe: Saltwater Sandals {Kixx Shoes}

Photo credit: Sunshower Photography

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