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The Royal Treatment

Note from Mom: The time has come to reveal the sweetest questions ever! When I asked Bean what she could do to add something "fun" to her blog, she said, "I can interview fun people and share it." She's always liked pretending to interview me and her MiMi, so I figured why not; right? Our first interview comes from Brooke Fletcher (see previous post), former Miss Teen Georgia USA + Miss Georgia USA 2015 / ESPNU associate director / model.

She was so gracious to humor Bean and come over for a brief mini-interview (in more ways than one). This will be a weekly feature that Bean will help create, so stay tuned and please enjoy. What you see below are Bean's actual questions and typed based on the response that Brooke gave her. Xx {Photography: Sunshower Photography / Bean's Clothing: Poppy Whitaker, skirt; GAP Kids, t-shirt; Saltwater Sandals, shoe}

"Enjoy what I came up with; I think you will like them because they are fun questions. Hope to see you soon!" - Bean Xx

5+ Questions with ... Former Miss Georgia USA Brooke Fletcher

1. Who is your favorite rockstar? I don't have a favorite rockstar, but I do have a favorite singer: Selena Gomez.

2. Tell me about your pageant. I did my pageant in 2015 and it was a lot of fun; I got to dress up in all these pretty dresses and I got to talk to girls your age ... [and] talk about girl things, and I got to work with different charities. Basically, I got to play dress up + wear a sparkly crown all day.

Photo credit: Sunshower Photography {Charlotte, NC}

3. What is your favorite dress? The dress I wore for Miss USA; it was emerald-green and I had a really pretty necklace with it. Green is one of my favorite colors.

4. What is your favorite food? Cheeseburgers!

5. What's your favorite color? My favorite color is purple!

6. Is the moose in the deer family or the dog family? The deer family? Wait - is it in the dog family? Deer family because of the antlers, right? I've never seen a moose though.

7. Do you love fashion or do it just because? I love fashion because you get to change and shop for clothes all the time; it's a way to kinda express yourself.

8. What's your favorite tv show? "Friends"; have you heard of it? I love that show; it's the best.

We hope you enjoyed reading Brooke's answers to Bean's questions; stay tuned! This is only the beginning. Xx

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