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Mini Bosses Unite

Note from Mom: Prior to Bean starting her blog, I followed an amazing jewelry brand by the name of @gunnerandlux. I was even more a fan when I saw that the creative director (and muse) had a fashion sense that spoke to me (a fellow lover of Zara + J.Crew definitely, no less!). Once Bean began her account and her blog, I had to introduce her to Riley, aka LITTLE LUX, and her father, John (or in our heads "Gunner"). As you may have read with Bean's first interview with former Miss Georgia USA, the fashionistas, tastemakers, that Bean follows (and adores) are some of the most gracious spirits on this planet. Thank you, again, to Riley and her dad, John, for answering this next set of 5+ Questions. As an adult, I continue to be a major fan of the detail but also of the muse behind the brand. She and her father have created a brand (and bond) that's palpable and downright beautiful. Hope you enjoy + make sure to click on "Little Lux" and "@gunnerandlux" (above in BOLD) to find out more about this brand.

Photo credit: Gunner and Lux {Atlanta, GA; Online}

"I like jewelry because it adds some 'color' to my outfits; it's so fun to see what jewelry Riley comes up with. She is totally awesome and her clothes are fun and twirly. She makes jewelry with her dad and that's neat because dad's usually sleep"- Bean Xx

Bean in her favorite "Queen Bee" necklace from Gunner and Lux; available NOW by clicking here >>>

1. "What is your favorite candy?” M&Ms

2. "How did you find out about fun jewelry?” Watching my dad make jewelry!

Photo credit: Gunner and Lux {Atlanta, GA; Online}

3. "What do you like about school?” I love reading and going outside! And I like Math!

4. "What's your favorite dress?” I really like Pink right now, so anything with Pink in it!

5. "What's your favorite (pair of) shoes?” I like sandals for summer, but I also like leather boots and Adidas!

6. "Where do you shop for your fun clothes?” J.Crew, Madewell, Zara, small designers that I really love. (Sidenote: Riley has even collaborated with J.Crew on some of their accessories and attended their NYFW presentation #winning #goals.)

Photo credit: Gunner and Lux {Atlanta, GA; Online}

7. "What do you want to be when you grow up?” A mom, a veterinarian, a chemical expert to make love potions.

8. "Who is the 'funnest' person you've ever met?” My uncle Kinny!

9. "Who is Gunner + Lux?" Gunner & Lux is my dads Jewelry Brand for adults! My jewelry brand is LITTLE LUX!

Photo credit: Gunner and Lux {Atlanta, GA; Online}

Thank you, Riley and John, for your time and participation. We can't wait to see what LITTLE LUX has in-store for this summer and in the years to come. Xx

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