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A Trip to the Holy City

Note from Mom: Bean has known about Charleston long before she was even born. Her father and I first visited Charleston together when we became engaged in April 2009. I like to think it started a connection in her spirit to this beautiful city. Since her birth, we've continued to visit Charleston, aka The Holy City, and taken enough carriage ride tours that she should be able to provide her own tour of those hallowed grounds. Most recently, Bean accompanied me on a trip (along with "MiMi," aka my mom) and was able to take a tour of the Gibbes Museum and get a little taste of Spoleto 2017. They also visited the "round church" as she called The Circular Congregational Church.

We stayed at the beautiful Mills House and took in a little shopping at one our favorites, The Pink Chicken, a boutique with its flagship in NYC. Its Charleston location has become a favorite for children (and parents) looking for a carefully curated selection of posh clothing for the little trendsetter. To capture some of our time on King Street, aka the hub of fashion in Charleston, and our time with the ladies of Pink Chicken - Anne Rhett of Anne Rhett Photography joined us for a little while. Her photography (shown throughout) has definitely made her our new “go to” whenever we are in the Holy City. Xx

“I really enjoyed Charleston even when MiMi and I walked around the cemetery at the round church. I was not scared of walking around the cemetery because I was learning about social studies. I really enjoyed when I got to walk on Queen Street to head to Magnolia’s because I’m a queen and I also like good food! I really like Pink Chicken because I got a “twirly” skirt and a fun t-shirt and a really neat necklace with a unicorn on it. The ladies in the store were so nice and let me play with the toys and read the books. The photographer was really awesome. She let me take a lot of photos and pretend I was superwoman. I even got the chance to dance in the street (which my mom never lets me do), and I got to have a sweet treat. The hotel had amazing pancakes and some really shrimp. My mom shared her shrimp with me but not her sweet tea. I can’t wait to go back and stay in Charleston for a lot of days.” – Bean Xx

A sweet treat thanks to a local vendor!

Bean’s Outfit:

- T-shirt + Skirt: Pink Chicken NYC {Charleston, SC}

- Shoe: Saltwater Sandals {Available at Kixx Shoes for Cool Kids + The Children’s Cottage}

- Bracelets: Mere Jewelry {Charlotte, NC} + Poole Shop {Charleston, SC}

May/June 2017 Styling: Bean • Photography: Anne Rhett Photography ♥ - Bean

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