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Down the Rabbit Hole

Photo credit: Alexandra Wolf {New York, NY}

Note from Mom: Bean loves social media, so much that she even has asked about her followers. I couldn't help but think about what Paula Rallis, blogger and fashionista extraordinaire, mentioned to me some months ago when I mentioned Bean wanted to get into blogging. She mentioned to be careful; that blogging wasn't as glamorous that it appears. Paula even wrote a poignant post about the smoke and mirrors that sometimes come along with being a blogger; you can find that awesome post, "What We're All Not Saying" here. As Bean continues to learn what it means to be a blogger, I have been working with her so that she understands that shooting for content supersedes having a snack time, that being focused when you’re interviewing for content supersedes having a snack time, and being gracious towards those who have taken time out of their schedule(s) is paramount. (Can you tell that she enjoys snack time?) I’m not a stage mom by any means; I stand by the notion that at anytime Bean becomes “bored” or “tired” of doing her blog –we will graciously bow out and move on. I thank Paula for taking the veil off of blogging and giving me tools (unbeknownst to her) to make Bean comfortable and happy during this crazy and fun experience. Paula continues to inspire Bean, so much that we emulated a post of hers, featuring Victoria Beckham’s line for Target – featuring rabbits from Alice in Wonderland. It became one of the most liked posts for Carefully Curated Bean. Here’s to you, Paula, and your sweet spirit and gracious nature! Enjoy.

Photo credit: Emily Wilson {Greenville, SC}

Note from Bean: “I came up with questions that I thought were fun and serious! I like Paula because she took a picture outside of a plane, and I like planes. I want to fly a plane one day. Paula was in the same magazine I was in so that is really neat; we have a lot alike. Her clothes are cool and she likes to wear heels and be on the beach. I want to thank her for doing this and answering my funny questions. She’s really nice!” – Bean Xx

5+ Questions with ... Paula Rallis

1. Do you like pickles? If no - do you like chicken? Yes, I do like pickles AND I like chicken! Sometimes I even put my pickles on my chicken.

2. What does it mean to be a blogger? A blogger is a person that has a social media presence and a 'home' online where they can write about their thoughts, their travels or whatever may interest them. Blogs come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

3. Do you enjoy being a blogger? Why? Yes and no. I love to write, and I love to produce content that makes others inspired. But sometimes it can be a lot of work, too, when you just want to stay in bed and not jump up for that sunrise hour of magical photo taking.

4. When is your birthday? July 19 (Note: Paula shares the same birthday as Bean’s uncle!)

5. What else do you do as well as blogging? My husband and I flip houses and we like to travel. I also watch a lot of “Friends,” which is a show you're too young to know about. Yet. (Note: Bean knows about “Friends” … thanks to her father’s obsession with the series! ;))

6. Do you wear long clothes or do you prefer short? Why? I wear short clothes when it's hot outside, but I keep our house so cold that I like to wear long clothes at home. I don't like the cold very much.

7. Are you inside of The Scout Guide like I was? I was for volume one and for volume two like you were!

8. Is your brother nice? What do you like most about him? Well if I had a brother, I would hope he would be nice! I have three sisters and they're all nice. They're all very different. Anna is a lawyer so she pays attention to detail and is very focused. Amanda is a nurse and loves helping other people. She helps children that have cancer. Christina is creative like me. She's a jewelry designer.

9. Do you make black + green polkadot dresses? I don't have a black and green polka dot dress, but I have a leopard one!

10. Is life good for you? Why or why not? Life is pretty good for me. I have an amazing husband, a hectic but fun schedule and a God that always makes everything good. Now if I could just eat a grilled cheese whenever I wanted - we'd be talking....

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