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Let Them Eat Anything ... but Broccoli

Photo Credit: Sunshower Photography {Charlotte, NC}

I interviewed Amanda, the manager of Suarez Bakery, because I wanted to interview someone that likes food and also bakes. So, my mom told me about Amanda, and I went over to Suarez to interview her. I liked when I got to see the whole, entire bakery. My favorite part about it was when I saw the mixers: there was a big one and a small one. I enjoyed the flowers on the cake that were pink. There was a baker that worked there that was putting flowers on a cake. The bakers at Suarez are creative; they make very beautiful cakes. You should read this interview if you like food so that you can get some tips from me (Bean). If you like flowers, you can go Suarez Bakery and see some cake flowers and you can use them for a bridal shoot and you can get them by light and they will be divine. If a child reads this - and she likes food - any kind of food, she can go to Suarez and try out some cakes that she has never tasted before and try out new things. I hope you like this note, and I hope you see me in person so I can tell you more. - Bean

Photo Credit: Sunshower Photography {Charlotte, NC}

6+ Questions with ... Amanda Hernandez of Suarez Bakery

1. Do you eat crackers while you are baking a cake? I would say that maybe if I’m baking a cake I’d probably eat some cake … crackers are rather salty and cake is kind of sweet.

2. Do you spin the cake around while you are baking it? If you mean putting it in the mixer - the paddle and the mixer spins the cake around in a circle and that’s what makes the batter a creamy batter that we put into pans in the oven.

3. What is your favorite thing about being a baker? I think my favorite thing about being a baker is that I get to make food products and bakery products that people take to their homes … and we get to be a part of a their party by having something that we made there … so when people buy a cake from us, they get to take that cake that I made and share it with all of their friends and family; I think that’s the best part.

4. What is your favorite cake? My favorite cake is our strawberry chiffon cake: it is vanilla cake with vanilla crème mixed with strawberries and whipped cream icing on the outside. It’s really fresh.

Photo Credit: Suarez Bakery {Charlotte, NC}

5. What are the right ingredients for making a cake? It depends on the flavor of the cake: chocolate: we use Valrhona cocoa powder, flour, sugar, baking powder, a little bit of water, and a little bit of coffee.

6. What do deer eat? Deer eat a combination of North Carolina native foliage, grass, there’s feed you can buy that has corn in it; I would say that they probably like flowers. If I was a deer I would go for gardenias … and possibly cake if we threw it outside. (Note: Amanda was not sure about this but definitely sounded educated in the art of deer.)

7. What is your favorite picture of a cake? I would say my favorite picture of a cake is for a styled shoot for Ritchie Hill – it was with Milk + Honey Photography Co.; they sent us pictures of the arrangements and the cake and everything; the pictures came out really beautiful. We loved the way that everything looked.

8. What is your favorite joke? I’m really bad at jokes; I like more of a situational humor. I’m super bad at jokes.

JOKE TIME: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the banana boat! – Maya’s joke for Amanda

9. What is your favorite hairstyle? My favorite hairstyle was when my hair was pastel pink and it was short; that was my favorite: short + pink. It looked like a wig. (Note: Amanda's hair is now long and brunette.)

10. Can you make a cake with real animals on it? I think might be unkind to the animals; but, we can do a cake with animal sculptures on it.

11. When you were little did you know that you wanted to become a baker? I didn’t know I wanted to be a baker until I was 18. When I was 18 - I had to take some art classes and I wanted to do something with art, but it’s really hard to be a painter or sculptor, so instead I got into making cakes and now I can do art that people can eat which is a lot more fun.

12. Do you have a sister or a brother? If yes, are they nice? If no, do you have any pets? I have two sisters and one ½ brother and ½ sister. My sisters are nice; they both have little girls. So, I have two nieces. I have four dogs: two Huskies, a German Shepherd, and a Border Collie. That’s a lot of dogs, huh?

13. Do you have a flower? I do have a flower at my house right now; it’s a cactus flower.

14. What is your favorite word? Serendipitous (Note: Bean liked the sound of the word but had no clue what it meant.)

15. What do you enjoy doing? Outside of the bakery? I like to go to Francis Beatty Park (Matthews, NC); and I like to go fishing and take my dogs on hikes.

Photo Credit: Sunshower Photography {Charlotte, NC}

16. What color do you like the most? My favorite color is black!

Thank you, Amanda, for letting me interview you. You are awesome and a great baker! - Bean

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