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Sweet Goodness ... no Campfire Needed

Yesterday I made S'mores with my mom and they were amazing! My mom got the recipe from a really good cook, Jennifer, who has a website called Carolina Girl Cooks. My mom allowed me to make the recipe because it was easy and not messy. I'm glad I was able to make the S'mores because I love marshmallows and chocolate. It didn't take long at all. The only thing that went wrong was melting the chocolate. My mom tried to melt it on the stove instead of the microwave; that was a mess. The chocolate melted better in the microwave so if you make it - make sure to use the microwave and not the stove. My favorite part of the recipe was eating the S'mores I made! We put them in the refrigerator and I ate two after my dinner. It was a nice dessert. This is a good recipe for kids to make because it was not messy and was easy to clean up. We purchased all of our ingredients from Trader Joe's. - Bean

Recipe Courtesy of Carolina Girl Cooks Below {LINK HERE}

Photo Courtesy: Carolina Girl Cooks {Greenville, SC}


  • 1 cup of Melting Chocolate: I used Bakers, microwaveable dipping chocolate (Note: We used Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate, 3 bars for $1.79)

  • 12 Jumbo Marshmallows (Note: We used Trader Joe's brand)

  • About 5 graham crackers (Note: We used Trader Joe's Honey Graham Crackers)

  • 12 wooden skewers (Note: We did not use the skewers as Bean wanted to use her fingers)

Instructions (courtesy of Carolina Girl Cooks)

  • Start by crushing the graham crackers into coarse crumbs. Pour them in a bowl. (Note: to keep it to a minimal mess, I had Bean place the graham crackers in a Ziploc and then used the end of a wooden spoon)

  • Place a skewer in each marshmallow and then line a small baking sheet with wax paper before you dip them. (Note: Bean insisted on using her fingers, so we decided to forgo the skewers)

  • Melt the chocolate according to the package directions. (Note: do NOT melt chocolate on the stove ... all we can say is disastrous)

  • Dip each marshmallow in the chocolate and then coat the chocolate in graham cracker crumbs. Place on the wax paper and repeat until all the marshmallows have been dipped. (: (Note: Bean wanted darker chocolate than what we purchased so we added a penny-sized dollop of chocolate)

  • To set the chocolate, place the marshmallows in the freezer for 10 minutes and then serve them.

Bean's Final Product

Thank you, Jennifer, for letting me recreate one of your recipes. I can't wait to try another. You are awesome and a great baker! Find out more about Jennifer and her recipes here > - Bean

Jennifer of Carolina Girl Cooks is based out of Greenville, SC, and is the creator behind some of the best Tea Cookies we've ever had, which can be purchased by clicking here. Enjoy!

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