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Hey! It's me!

I have taken awhile to do another post. School has started and has made me very busy. I miss blogging and sharing with my followers everything I have been doing. School has been fun and I am starting to do a lot of things in class. I am dancing on the weekends and have some really neat interviews lined up. Stay tuned!- Bean

Life has happened and time has quickly gotten away from us. Hoping to catch a reprieve from my full-time job to step back in to help Bean with her blog updates and sharing some exciting collaborations we have in the making. Thank you for your continued support and kind comments. And a slight edit we've made is to highlight the featured guest(s) in pink -- one of my Bean's favorite colors. This allows you all to have better visibility so you can "CLICK" and find out more. Xx - Mom

In the meantime, here are a few of our favorite fall snaps from Sunshower Photography from a beautiful shoot in Rock Hill, SC. All of the clothing is from one of our favorites - Mac & Mia. Bean's stylist is amazing and has given us some of the best curated boxes EVER.

Dress: Egg by Susan Lazar / Shoe: Golden Goose Luxe Brand / Tights: J. Crew / Headband: J. Crew

Chambray top: Mac & Mia / Skirt: Mayoral / Shoe: Golden Goose Luxe Brand / Necklace: Gunner & Lux / Hair-bow: Courtesy of Dot Dot Smile

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