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It's a New Year! Yay!

Happy New Year! I am glad that it's 2018. I wanted to share some of my fun pictures from The Little Nest; it's a photography place in Charlotte. I like going there because I can take fun photos and also have awesome snacks. The photographers are really nice and always remember me and my brother. I was able to even pretend to be a real-life ballerina once at one of their Photo Pops.

Dress: J.Crew (Crew Cuts) | Tights: J.Crew (Crew Cuts) | Sneakers: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand | Bow: Evas House

My mom said I should have goals for every year; this year my goals are:

1. Be nicer to my brother.

2. Read at least 10 books a day.

3. Ride my bike a lot more; I also want to the training wheels off! They've been on there for a long time. (Ahem- mom + dad!)

4. Dance more.

5. Sing more.

I hope you have a good day and a great new year! Oh yeah, I plan on using Twitter this year and doing more interviews. Wish me luck! Yay! - Bean

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