Uptown Girl in the Queen City #TBT

January 18, 2018

Photo Credit: Sunshower Photography {Charlotte, NC}



I love all kinds of ice cream .... except the ones I haven't tried but I probably will like them once I try them since ice cream is AWESOME! I really like to eat it in the summer, because it's hot and ice cream is cold; it sometimes cools me off. I also like to have it in the winter because it's fun. I would have to say my favorite kind of ice cream is ... CHOCOLATE! I got to taste the violet ice cream at Le Macaron and I ... absolutely ... loved it! Every time I go there, I will get the violet ice cream. I also love the macarons there; they look like a little, mini sandwiches. The whipped filling inside of each one is the same color as the outside (the "sandwich" part). I enjoyed interviewing Shannon (of @UptownGirlCLT) because she's nice and funny. I hope you enjoy this interview! Thank you! Bye!- Bean


Bean's Outfit: Leggings, Cat & Jack (Target) / Top, McKenzie Claire / Headband, Target / Sandal: The Petite Parade / Bracelet, Charme Silkiner


Thank you to Shannon of @UptownGirlCLT for recommending Le Macaron Charlotte for our meet-up back in July (yes, of 2017). #dontjudge


With it being a snow day and a rare moment of peace - I've finally listened and transcribed Bean's interview. And hey- since it's Thursday, it's definitely apropos for nothing other than #TBT - Throwback Thursday. :) Thank you to Amy of Sunshower Photography for her continued time, photography, and assistance with Bean's posts. And remember - any word that's pink - is hyperlinked. So make sure to give it a good ol' click to find out more info. - Mom



6+ Questions with Shannon of UptownGirlCLT


1. Do you like pizza? If yes, what kind of pizza do you like? If no - why don't you like pizza? I absolutely love pizza; it’s one of my favorite foods, and one of my favorites combinations would have to be pineapple and jalapeno because you get the sweet and the spicy at the same time; but, if you don’t like spicy - you should just try it with pineapple because it’s really good.


2. Why do you like cookies so much? I like cookies because I really enjoy sweets. Sweets are the best!


3. Do you like pickles on cake? I have never tried pickles on cake! I love pickles though, so what kind of cake should I try them on? [Chocolate] Okay; I would have to try it and take a picture and show you.



4. Do you like cake on pizza? I’ve never had cake on pizza either! But, it sounds like a good combo, for sure.


5. Do you like robot cake? Hmmmm... what would that be? I will have to try that, too; that’s different.


6. Do you like chicken? If yes - what kind of chicken? I like chicken, and I think my favorite type of chicken would have to be grilled - just because you can do so many things with it: like on salads, with vegetables on the side, grill it, bake it etc.


7. Do you like toys? And if so, what kind? I’d have to say I like toys; when I was a little girl I liked Barbie’s and playing video games. One of my favorite {Barbie's} was "Kelly"; she had the brown hair.


8. Do you like dragons? I think dragons are really cool.


9. Do you have any siblings? I do! I have one brother; he’s younger than me.


10. Do you like Disney movies? If yes, do you like “Frozen”? I love Disney movies because I grew up where Disney World is and I got to go to Disney all the time when I was little. So, I still love Disney movies.


Thank you to Le Macaron for allowing us to use your amazing space for our interview. 




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