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48 Hours in Charleston

All Photos of Bean: Marni Rothschild

It is Labor Day and I am a little bit excited because I get to finally share my Charleston pictures and give you some fun things to do in 2 days. I am also excited about spending time with my family since it is Labor Day. I don't like not having school on Monday, but I know no one does. Okay- back to Charleston. So, Charleston is definitely a great place to visit especially if you don't have much time. and there is so much to do. I want to share my tips on traveling and what to do when you get there. Okay! Enjoy! - Bean

What to do in Charleston (48 Hours)


My family was able to stay in a 2-bedroom at The Restoration. This was fun because every morning we all woke up together. If we stayed in different hotel rooms, it just wouldn't have been as fun. We had a kitchen and a lot of play room. It was like being in an apartment. The closet was soooooooo big that my brother's crib fit in there and all of his toys and he had room to play.


The have the best oysters AND an awesome view. I mean I got to eat and then go down to the 5th floor and see the pool. The view is amazing! Totes!

Get the Southern Egg Rolls! OMG! So good. There are even vegetables in it so your mom and dad will be happy that you got your vegetables.

The French toast is AMAZING and the biscuits and gravy and the fried chicken sandwich are the best. Truthfully I like everything I have ever had there. I've been twice and the first time was with my friend Chassity and Lilly and Fletcher.

They have AMAZING cinnamon rolls and really good hot chocolate. They'll make you any kind of chocolate drink you want. It's pretty cool.


1. Walk around Charleston! That is the best part.

2. Take a horse carriage ride and find out the history. I will always remember that my friend Lucy told us to do it last time and now I love doing that.

3. Shop! I like to go to Finicky Filly and see my friend Eloise. Oh! Also go to Maris DeHart. They separate the store by color and that's like being in the rainbow. They are stores for grown-ups but I have so much fun there! There's also Sugar Snap Pea, Pink Chicken, and Scraps of Magic, which is only online. Those three stores are for people my size which is always a good thing.

4. Go to the SC Aquarium. Go really early or really late because it can get really, really crowded.

5. Stay at The Restoration and play around at the pool. It's only like 3 ft. and great if you don't really know how to swim. But, always be with a parent or a Water Watcher so that you are safe. And I mean - look at the view! Totes!

6. Visit the Old Slave Mart. When I went I wasn't sure if I'd be sad, but I left thinking about how thankful I am for my family members. I know that a lot of time ago my family members went through a lot since they were slaves and this place makes me thankful for their determination. Charleston is a city that was built by slaves so it makes it an even special place to visit for me and my family. 7. Take photos! If you can get someone like my friend Marni, do it!

Bean's Travel Tips

1. Make a lot of stops if you can so you can get snacks and stand.

2. Download some fun movies like Minions when you are traveling.

3. Play I Spy with everyone and try to spy things that no one else would really think about.

4. Take a nap. Well, I don't like taking naps, but it's definitely good for two-year-olds.

5. Make sure to get gas. You don't want to run out of gas and end up on the side of the road. And, when you stop for gas, see if you can find any fruit stands and get some fresh boiled peanuts!


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