No Time Like the Present!

December 31, 2018

Photo Credit: Sunshower Photography, June 2018 (All Photography)


It's almost 2019! I cannot believe it. Seriously. I'm not having a big party or anything but I'm still excited. So I decided to ask some of my friends what they think would make for a good NYE Party (or even a NYD Party because it's never too late for a party in January). Right? I'll share their answers below. My mom also said she will link their Instagram names to their responses also. I wish you a Happy New Year! Oh! Love you all! Happy New Year again. :) Oh yes - one more thing ... I used photos from the summer for this post because the photos are from one of the best parties I have ever gone to! So why not use them here?!!! Okay, bye! - Bean #bye2018 #hi2019


Question ... "What's needed to throw a rockin' party for NYE/ NYD?!" - Bean


1. "I don't love NYE, so I'm happy in my pajamas with good friends at home! And yummy appetizers!" - @SophieandLili


2. "A PJ party with lots of fund sound makers and fun hats! If you're having a day party -- make sure everyone wears something with sparkles!" - @sealeylakeley


3. "Good friends make the party!" - @mckenziewalden


4. "Fun people, good music, and a karaoke machine!" - @bnoblestyled


5. "Good for and good friends; spend less time cleaning, worrying if everything is perfect and strictly worry about enjoying the time that you have with people you love." - @styleyoursenses


6. "Wear shoes that are stylish, yet comfortable to stand in for a long period of time Don't over do it on the food and drink. Pace yourself!" - @jaimie_small


7. "Friends that are fun and good food!" - @venitaaspen




8. "Offer a prize to best dressed and a playlist of the best 2018 hits. It can even be made into a a lip synch contest!" - @findingkymarie


9. "Incorporate a dance party! Always have some good tunes going!" - @leizegaillard


10. "A great outfit and good food are key!" - @egmstyle


11. "Great company (friends and family) and a killer food spread! My list goes on with great music, fun backdrops for pictures, and good laughs, too!" - @always.aya



12. "Good food, toasting the new year with people you care about, good music. Spanish have a nice tradition where they eat 12 grapes ... I like that, too!" - @toska_europeanspa


13. "Be around the people you love + would like to spend many, many years with + great snacks!" - @always.dania




14. "Prep early so the host isn't working the whole time. A relaxed host makes the most fun parties. A great playlist [too]! Be sure to include some older songs - hits from even just a few years ago will make people say, 'OMG; I used to love this song!'." - @deenaknightdesigns 


15. "Positive people around you to bring in or celebrate the New Year. Creating attainable goals to accomplish in the New Year; oh, a little bubbly always makes events better (nonalcoholic works as well ;) )." - @braerichardson


16. "A good playlist that the crowd connects to; lit candles because they set the mood, and a signature drink ... in your case, a mocktail -- perhaps a Shirley Temple?" - @shadesofpinck


17. "Setting up so that you can relax and entertain and fun games." - @lucycuneo


18. "A great party includes people you love hanging out with, delicious food, and fun things to do to keep everyone engaged." - @jasilika


19. "Fun music or games! And friends and family!" - @hellodarling_sarah


20. "Good food + good company!" - @noteworthy_mag


21. "Ask each guest for their Top 5 favorite songs and create a master playlist for the DJ or music stream; set a fun theme for the party so everyone can dress the part." - @glitzandglitther


22. "Wear something sparkly, drink something bubbly (i.e. sparkling grape juice), and dance to your favorite songs!" - @jamezf


 Bean has cranberry juice ;)


23. "Food is No.1 for me! You must have good food, games for kids and adults - think hula hoop contest, a fun kids table with a table cover)  they can draw on, a signature New Year's drink ... mocktail of course ;) , good music (hire a band or a DJ or use a vintage record player), disco ball and karaoke machines!" - @leslielangan


24. "Smiling faces of friends and family. Food that can be eaten while carrying on a conversation (little bits instead of heavy dishes)." - @sunshowerphotography 


25. "Nice, friendly FUN guests and great music you can tap your feet to!" - @thequeencitystyle


26. "I think low lighting, good music, party crown/ headbands, and easy bite-size food!" - @looklingerlove



27. "Conffetti and really good snacks!" - Aunt Lauren, aka @laurmichelle


Here's to an awesome 2019! I can't wait to see what the year will show me and my friends and family. Thank you God for everything and thank you to my family. Finis!




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