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Gettin' Twiggy with It

Photo Credit / Courtesy: Twine & Twig

#Facts: (1.) Life comes at you fast. (2.) Time flies when you're having fun ... and when you're busy. #phew / Bean sat down with Jacquelyn Buckner, 1/2 of the design duo of Twine & Twig back in ... wait for it ... July 2018 ... you know - in the summertime ... when the living was easy. Alas, when August soon rolled around and school commenced - real life smacked us in the face. Bean returned to her "9 to 5" of being a full-time student, and I returned to the classroom. Though we attempted to keep the momentum of running her blog and Instagram while - ya know - making it all work - a few balls were dropped. But, we're both excited to say that we're renewed and ready for all that Spring will bring. Back to the present and these two awesome jewelry designers - Jacquelyn Buckner and Elizabeth White. Though constantly confused as twins, the sisters behind one of the most authentically created, designed jewelry lines has helped to place Charlotte, NC, on the map via Vogue, Garden & Gun, Glamour, and Elle (just to name a few). As always, hope you enjoy Bean's questions and commentary; welcome back! Xx - Mom

Hello! It's Bean. I'm excited to finally share my interview with Miss Jacquelyn of Twine & Twig. She was so nice and happy and had on an amazing outfit. I remember it! I hope you like the questions. In February I got the chance to wear some of the new pieces from Twine & Twig in SouthPark Magazine for a photoshoot. A photo is below. :) Thank you, Miss Jacquelyn and Miss Elizabeth, for everything! Hope you enjoy! Okay, bye! - Bean

Photo Credit / Courtesy: Garden & Gun

7+ Questions with ... Jacquelyn Buckner of Twine & Twig

1. What was it like rollerskating indoors? It was very challenging; my sister and I are not super coordinated so we were holding on to everythnig while we were skating and all of the girls in here were laughing at us bceause they kept thinking we were going to fall.

2. What was it like taking photos underwater? That was also a lot harder than it looked. We did not realize until we got there that when you go underwater in clothes that they get really heavy … so, the photoshoot ended up taking about 2-3 hours. So after swimming underwater in heavy, wet clothes - it was actually really exhausting, but it was super fun; those were some of our favorite pictures I think that we have ever done. We’re still posting photos from that same photoshoot and we’re going to do another one with that same photographer (Leigh Webber) at some point because they’re just the coolest pictures.

Photo Credit / Courtesy: Leigh Webber for Twine & Twig

3. Do you some people say you and your sister look like twins? Yes! What’s funny is that we have gotten a mix of all reactions. Some people thnk that we are twins and some don’t even realize that we are sisters. It’s kind of funny.

4. What is your favorite place to go on vacation and why? My favorite place to go on a vacation is probably just anywhere at the beach … Charleston (where I went to college and where we have family) … Figure 8. We’ve done this trip every year: all my cousins, aunts, uncles - there’s 17 of us in one house. So, It’s crazy and really fun.

5. Have you ever been to Myrtle Beach (SC)? I have! We grew up going to Myrtle Beach when we were little - our grandparents had a place down there. We would go to the Pavilion and go on all the rides; it was so fun.

6. What inspired you to start selling and making jewelry? Well, my sister (Elizabeth) and I started collecting African beads back maybe 12 years ago ... from flea markets and different marts. The straw [that they would come on] on the back of it would kind of scratch the neck and sometimes [the string] would break, so we just decided we would restring some of them … and we thought that suede would make it more comfortable to put on that sort of strap. So, it was all kind of an accident that we just did just for ourselves and people just started commenting on it, and they liked them, so we just started making more.

Bean interviews Jacquelyn Buckner, 1/2 of Twine & Twig

7. What inspired you to make the [Splattered]* collection? (Note: Bean originally asked about their "Splatooned Collection"; the question has been edited to show accuracy. :)) We partnered with a charity that was Arts for Life, so we’ve been trying to do a lot more philanthropy work within the company where we find cool charities to work with and give back a percentage of sales, so the splattered collection was fun. My sister and I both love art, and we were the ones that did all of it. It was messy and we had paint everywhere and we just dumped paint. It was super cool.

Bean wears an assortment of Twine & Twig necklaces from their Kids Collection (pieces no longer available)

8. What is it like being sisters and working together? *Laughs* We get that one a lot. It is really rewarding and very fun. We’re very different. We kind of describe ourselves as like Yin and Yang; she’s a little bit more … well, I always compare it to coloring. When we were little she’d always color in the lines and I would never color in the lines. But, we always come together and balance each other out. It's definitely fun to work with [my] sister.

9. What is it like working at a jewelry shop? It’s fun! We have awesome girls that work for us. We try to keep it pretty low-key and casual.

Bean checks out the inventory in the Twine & Twig studio, July 2018

10. What was it like being in magazines? It was crazy! I’ve been reading magazines since I was little. My sister has too. To one day open the pages and be in them … it’s something neither one of us expected. [She points to Garden & Gun; the sisters were featured in the February / March 2018 issue]. I have a subscription to Garden & Gun … [and] I was able to open it with my kids and show them and they were excited and cheering for mommy. They thought it was special. I hope it inspires them in some way that they can grow up and be and do whatever they want to. And dream big!

SouthPark Magazine features Twine & Twig's Rainbow Collection, March 2019 / Photo Credit, Courtesy: Twine & Twig

11. What was it like being in Vogue? Vogue was definitely our biggest pinch me moment. They are such an influential fashion magazine so to be featured was amazing.

Capture from Twine & Twig's feature in Vogue, November 2017

Okay, thank you! That's all. :) Here's a few more pictures of behind the scenes!

Hope you enjoyed! Ciao! - Bean

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