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The Wild Card

Photo Courtesy: Roy Wood, Jr.

Laughter is good for the soul, right? Or at least that's what they say. Fortunately for Bean - she's got a direct connection to one of the funniest humans walking this planet. Introducing Roy Wood, Jr., a correspondent on the award-winning Comedy Central show "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah"; Roy (since we're on a first name basis and all!) attended Florida A&M University with my husband (Bean's dad). They became friends and have remained close since then. #GoRattlers The world is truly small, eh? I can attest that he's a master of his craft due to his musings on life and what comes along with being a dad. Parenting alone can make for its own comedy sketch; am I right? (Disclaimer: Bean isn't necessarily allowed to listen to all of his performances, but the bits she's heard - she's all in!) So without further adieu - take it away, Bean! - Mom

Laughing is good for the body because it shows how you feel and you don't need to say whether you are happy or sad - you just use your laughter. So, if you smile - you can fake it. But, with true laughter - you can show how you are feeling. Laughing makes me happier than what I'm possibly feeling; it's important to laugh more because if you're just gloomy then the world would just be sad. If there's no laughter -- there's no happiness. And if there's no happiness - I think that the world will not exist. And if someone from the moon wanted to come and visit Earth and there was no laughter - the aliens wouldn't want to visit. I'm glad to have been able to interview Mr. Roy. He's the first guy that I have interviewed for my blog so that is also kind of cool. I know you'll enjoy his answers; he totally funny. Seriously! Okay, bye! Enjoy! - Bean

7+ Questions with ... Roy Wood, Jr., Comedian Extraordinaire

Photo Courtesy: Roy Wood, Jr.

1. What is it like being a comedian? Being a comedian is very fun. On a regular basis I have the opportunity to make people smile. Sometimes it's on TV. Sometimes it's live in front of an audience. Being a comedian is fun when the jokes work, but there are times when the jokes don't do as well - so you can be embarrassed when the jokes don't work.

2. What kind of jokes do you make? I make jokes about the things I see in the world. I try my best to give people a different perspective on things they think they already know everything about.

3. Are are all your jokes funny or some serious? The jokes can be funny about serious things. You can take something as sensitive as what's happening to immigrants in this country or police harassment and be able to find an angle that honors the serious side of the issue while at the same time not disrespecting the victims of these real life issues.

4. How do you come up with your jokes? I have a good time reading newspapers and watching a lot of different television. I like to watch things that other people are watching. I also enjoy talking to strangers. By talking to strangers I get a window into how other people see the world.

5. Do you like being a comedian? Being a comedian on a tough day can sometimes be the only reason I get out the bed. I love it.

6. Do people ever tell you that you look like someone famous? Ha ha ha. yes. I get Anthony Anderson ("Black-ish") and Kennan Thompson from "Saturday Night Live".

7. Have you ever made one of your jokes into a song? Yes, actually. One time for "The Daily Show w/ Trevor Noah" - we did a rap song based on tweets from President Donald Trump. We made his tweets sound like a rap song.

8. What made you think you wanted to be a comedian? I've always enjoyed making people laugh.

9. What’s the worst joke you’ve told? What’s the funniest? The worst joke I think I've ever told I can't repeat here. ha ha ha. The funniest joke I ever told was a joke about how surprised I am that Black people are sad sometimes as a race. We've been trying to tell the world for YEARS that we're sad ... we invented Blues music. What more proof do you need that we're sad? Hahaha.

Thank you, Mr. Roy! You're funny. One day we will meet and I will share some jokes with you! Finis! - Bean

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