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Note: This post is part of a paid collaboration with Belk. All opinions are Bean's own.

It’s back to school time and I’m totes excited! I have counted the days - 11 days until I start 3rd grade! I really want to add to my closet and style since I’ll in the big grades, so I was so happy that Belk had their Denim DIY Bus Tour this past Saturday! I was able to get a whole new look and make it my own with … wait for it - PATCHES! Want to know how it went? Awesome!

When I heard about the Denim Style Bus coming to Charlotte at South Park Mall I knew that I would want to do it because I love fashion, denim, and design. I was going to do all of these things on my own! As soon as I arrived to Belk, I saw the bus. It was big and teal and totally decorated how I want my room. SO I knew it was going to be a rockin’ time!

The Denim Bus Tour went all over NC and SC and made sure to show everyone that buying denim isn’t just about that but that it’s also about showing your personality with what you wear. My mom took a lot of photos to show you how I chose my denim and how I designed it. There were games and candy (SCORE!) and really nice people. I think that it is super amazing that Belk made an actual design studio on a bus and since it’s to help get everyone ready for going back to school - the bus was a perfect way to celebrate and announce that school is fun and can be fashionable.

So, with the patches that I got to choose from - Belk Denim Style Bus had so many!!!! I saw letters, the Eiffel Tower (with flip sequins!), hearts, ice cream, teddy bears, girl powerful ones, and A LOT OF candy. My favorite. Oh and pizza. What’s really good about the patches is that you can iron them back on yourself too! I smiled the entire time I was picking out my patches because I knew no one else would have the design that I had. Personalizing your clothes makes you feel even more confident in what you’re wearing and that is what is most important so Belk made a smart choice in letting everyone (big and small, young and old).

My mom was even happy about the experience because she remembered shopping at Belk when she was my age and getting all of her back to school clothes from there. She was excited that I chose colored denim because it’s rare to see colored denim with patches. Now let’s talk about the jacket! This is by far my favorite one of all time because … it’s personalized. And it feels really well! Every single person that has seen it - wants one! And now they have the inspiration thanks to Belk!

I’m excited to share my favorite pieces with you from Belk that you can DIY and make your own so that you can rock the new school year in your own way.

Thank you, Belk and the Denim Style Bus friends, for letting me have fun and design! It was seriously totes and I hope that you all return to Charlotte soon! To shop my favorite picks from Belk’s denim, click HERE! Ciao! - Bean // #ad #BelktoSchool

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