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Perry Talented!

Photo Courtesy, Credit: Perry Vaile

School is back in session and Bean has caught her second wind (and so have I). It's only appropriate to begin with an interview that we've been sitting on since ... last year (don't judge!). Bean first become interested in this awesome fairy of a person thanks to of course Instagram - but also because of said fairy's wedding photography. Bean LOVES weddings (thanks in part to @OvertheMoon) so seeing ... wait for it ... Perry Vaile's eye for "totes" detail - Bean said immediately that she wanted to interview Perry to pick her brain on everything from photography (of course) but also every day things. Hope you enjoy! Take it away, Bean! - Mom

I love photos; I love weddings; I love pretty photos of weddings. I knew I wanted to interview a photographer and someone I've never met before. I know that Miss Perry is really colorful and likes to have fun; so I knew that the questions had to be fun and well colorful! She has been in Vogue, Brides, and Martha Stewart (who I never met but I know she makes good food and is really organized). Ms. Perry's children are so lively and really funny and I know that one day we'll meet and make an awesome rock video. You can see them here! Thank you, again, Ms. Perry, for answering my questions and for taking really awesome photographs. You're totally talented; seriously! And I came up with the title - get it? Perry Talented instead of Very Talented? :) - Bean

8+ Questions with ... Perry Vaile, Photographer Extraordinaire

1. How old are your kids? I have two daughters, one is 8 months old, and the other is 3.5 years old! :)

2. Where did you grow up? Contrary to how it may look on social media platforms, I grew up with much less than I have now - in a very small home with my mother in a rural farm community outside of Fayetteville, NC.

3. Where is your favorite place to go vacation? That’s hard! Probably Ireland! Banff (Canada) is a close second!

Al Photos Courtesy, Credit: Perry Vaile

4. How many times have you went on vacation ever since being an adult? I don’t think I went on many vacations from 18-25, but between 25-31 I’d say maybe around 15-20 times (many of which are just days of fun we add to working in beautiful places!)

5. Have you been to the beach recently (asked in August 2018)? If yes, what did you like about it? If not, what do you miss about the beach? Yes! My husband’s family is from and still live at the beach, so we go there often! I love to have picnics in the evening at Atlantic Beach, and most recently enjoyed Seabrook Island - so great since we have kids with us!

6. Why do you like photography? I love the ability to make someone remember a moment in its best light - memories fade much faster than we anticipate or realize, and photos are very helpful to help us recall our most favorite moments!

7. What's the funniest thing someone has ever done in front of the camera? Since I mostly shoot wedding days, many of my clients are on their best behavior, so I don’t typically get very funny things to photograph! That being said, I constantly find myself laughing with clients through jokes! Once I had a groom who was ready to be done with photographs skip away with his groomsmen and run off into the hillside grabbing sticks and chasing squirrels. That was a first! They looked like a pack of 10 year old boys ready for adventure and I was doubled over with laughter.

8. Have you ever broken a camera and if so what did you do? Oh many times, haha! I always have backups and so I usually just quickly switch them out without anyone ever noticing!

9. Have you ever been chased by a bird while taking your photos? Peacocks! They aren’t the friendliest things, lol!

Thank you, @perryvaile, for allowing me to ask you a few questions! You are very talented and kind and totally awesome! Stay positive and powerful. - Bean

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