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True story: I knew of Rev. Roxy BEFORE I knew her name. I can admit -- I watched the ever-popular viral series "Love is Blind" earlier this year and became hooked (in part) by the officiant's red lip and calm demeanor in the midst of the chaos that led up to the couples meeting up at the altar. But due to the protests that shook up the nation, I came to know said officiant's name due to her officiating one of the most momentous ceremonies of 2020 (just google Dr. Kerry-Anne + Michael Gordon + Black Lives Matter). Rev. Roxy, aka Roxanne Birchfield, has carved a niche in the wedding industry due to her once being a Chaplain (now she servers as a clergy person as well as a pre-marriage counselor (along with her husband)) in addition to having a magnetic personality that radiates from the poignantly chosen words she uses in each wedding ceremony. Bean was taken by the fact that Rev. Roxy was part of said wedding along with being featured on Here's more from Bean ... - Mom

I knew I had to talk to Rev. Roxy and meet her in some way because of how awesome she is. She was able to marry two people during a time when a lot of weddings were being cancelled and put off until later. Rev. Roxy helped one of my favorite brides ever to get married to her husband and make for a powerful moment in the Black Lives Matter protests. I was really impressed by that and by the fact that she was also in Vogue and on the news. Rev. Roxy took the time to answer my questions which I appreciate because she took them seriously even though I'm 9. That means a lot. I'm excited to share her answers with you for something called "A Snack Break with Bean" because the questions I gave her took the amount of time it would to eat a good snack! I hope you enjoy and thank you, Rev. Roxy! - Bean

A Snack Break with Bean, ft. Rev. Roxy

Photo Credit: Gricel's Photography {New Jersey}

Why did you choose to be a marriage counselor?

I am a clergy person that serves currently in the Air Force Reserves (formerly in the Army Reserves-8 years) and formerly served in a number of hospitals in the North East area (as a Chaplain) so my work with couples now comes out of that experience. My passion comes out of my childhood experience. My parents separated when I was 7 years old and I have seen it as the biggest pain of my life. My heart resides in the strengthening of marriages and promoting two parent home environments.

What’s the funnest thing you have ever done in your life? What lasting memory do you have from it? Funniest thing? I immediately thought of filming "Love is Blind" in 2018. I remember thinking, "This probably will not air, it's too outlandish." Then the show aired in 2020 on Netflix and was a hit! I was surprised but I also laughed because it's interesting what people will enjoy. I am glad the show had such success. Looking back it was a great, unmatched experience.

Where do you think is the best place to get married? Why?

Anywhere the engaged couple will feel their best. I personally love Manhattan and I had my wedding, baby shower and my daughter's first birthday party there. Manhattan has a special place in my heart always. I love the history and the energy of the city. I personally love the outdoor space of 620 Loft & Garden for wedding ceremonies. It overlooks the St. Patrick Cathedral and has a very powerful view.

What is your favorite color?

Metallic Yellow Gold. It's a part of my business colors and you will always find me wearing some kind of metallic yellow gold during a ceremony. Yellow Gold is making a comeback yet it's represents tradition to me.

What is your favorite thing to eat? Why?

Generally something Asian or Asian fusion... if I had to choose one thing- high quality Ramen.

Car or plane or raft?


What was it like to see one of your weddings in Vogue? And all over the world?

I am still in disbelief but I am also giving God the praise. During a time where most people feel like things are canceled and that we are at a loss I feel like I am coming out of 2020 with a deeper connection with clients, going through this pandemic with them. Love is not canceled. See Dr. Kerry-Anne Perkins' nuptials to Mr. Michael Gordon here.

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Last question: how are you planning on making a positive impact during this time?

Continuing the level of service to my clients with the proper precautions in place. The nature of this pandemic exhibits that every exit and entrance from your home is a risk. You can be as careful as you can be within your power but at the end of the day God is in control.

And the "Snack Break" is over! Thank you, Rev. Roxy, for your time in answering my questions. You are awesome and so epic! - Bean

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