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In Living Color

Photo Courtesy: @cordiallybianca

Bean reminds me of a walking rainbow: her personality has ranges (she is a 9 year old lest we forget), she loves color (and can't necessarily understand my penchant for black (it is a color!)), and still has the naiveté that there's a pot of gold possibly awaiting her at the end of each. This joie de vivre that Bean exudes seems to be part of what makes @cordiallybianca the walking rainbow that she is. Thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram (there are positives that come along with some platforms) - Bianca and Bean connected. Not to mention - just like me - she's a teacher, and just like her - I've lived in the Bronx. Her light and do-goodness attitude for all that walk this planet helps to make her a newfound fav to follow! Bean loves seeing what colors will pop from Bianca's account each day ... and of course - what words of kindness and awareness she will share. For all that gloom and doom that we all have likened 2020 to be, Bianca is helping to bring some positive light and awareness to many social issues that will not only impact Bean's generation but hers and mine. - Mom

Bianca's colors on her Instagram make me so happy! She is so truthful and the fact that she teaches elementary school lets me know that she has a big heart. It takes a lot to teach elementary school and especially kids my age. You have to have a lot of energy, patience, creativity, and just a kind heart. The fact that she always has color as her background shows that she believes in positivity and she was born in New York which lets me know that is cool. She talks about making the world better for all people and especially people that look like me because sometimes the world isn't always the nicest. She wants all children no matter how they look to be successful and the same for people, so she shares about issues that can help us all. Plus, she likes Frida Kahlo just like I do. #heart - Bean

A Snack Break with Bean, ft. Bianca Abbasov, aka @CordiallyBianca

Photo Courtesy: @cordiallybianca

Why do you love color so much?

Simply put, I love color, because it makes me feel happy. Imagine walking into a very colorful room. How do you feel? Like you've walked into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory or something, am I right? In teacher school, we learn to create stimulating or exciting environments for kids using color, learning charts, and decorative walls. Feng Shui also teaches about how to use colors in your home. Why? Because color can affect how you feel. When I'm down, I put on the most colorful clothes in my closet, and I feel much, much better. That's why I love color!

Where do you live? What is your favorite part of the place where you live?

I live in Jersey City, New Jersey. We are pretty close to NYC. Most times I can get to Manhattan quicker than my friends who live in NYC can, which is funny. Because of our proximity to the city, Jersey City is super diverse. We were actually voted to be the most ethnically diverse city in America two years in a row (NYC is number 6 though). That's one of my favorite things about our city, because it means my neighbors all come from different backgrounds, and then I get to learn about them. It also means we have great food here and lots of fun cultural events to attend. My other favorite thing to do in JC is walk. My husband and I walk to different neighborhoods in our city almost everyday. It's great exercise for us.

Do you like being an adult better or a kid? Why?

That's a tough question! Uh, let's see ... I like being an adult because I can make decisions for myself. I am old enough to do important things like vote and volunteer in my community. But sometimes, I miss being a kid and not having to worry about the world so much. I also like that kids can forgive and learn quicker than adults. I wish most adults could be as good listeners as kids.

Photo Courtesy: @cordiallybianca

What is your favorite type of candy?

Bean! Candy is my love! How can I choose only one? You know what, you can't make me. I won't choose...just no licorice....


I'm glad you asked! GLITS INC stands for Gays and Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society. GLITS does a lot of important work for this community, but their main focus recently has been housing for Black transgender people, who get discriminated against and have nowhere to live. They also aim to educate people and end stigmas around Trans people. You can learn more about their mission statement on their website:

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Optimist. Creative. Sensitive.

Last question: how are you planning on making a positive impact during this time?

To make a positive impact in this world in general, I'm planning on getting involved in my community more, because change can happen right here at home too! After attending a few rallies and protests in my town, I decided to volunteer for the Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition. Currently, I am a part of the marketing volunteer team, and my job is to create scripts as resources for people to send to our mayor, city council, chief of police, etc. These scripts list our demands, like creating a Civilian Complaint Review Board to hold police officers accountable if they misuse their power or releasing body-cam footage on incidents of brutality right here in Jersey City. We have recurring rallies in front of City Hall every Tuesday where similar organizations like the Black Diaspora Club and Black Men United organize together, so that's where I'll be again tomorrow. There is also a city clean-up that's done in our poorest areas to show our neighbors that we care about them and that they deserve clean streets. They are all small things right now, but they make a difference. I get a little impatient sometimes with the pace of change, but I have to remember that change is a marathon, not a sprint. We'll get there eventually.

Bean, thanks for the privilege of answering your wonderful questions. I hope you have a great week!

Thank you, Miss Bianca! And that's all for today's "Snack Break"! You are awesome, the perfect friend to share rainbows and Frida with, and totally epic! - Bean

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