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No Looking Back

Photo Courtesy: @looklingerlove

True story: *yes another* ... when Bean began her blog and Instagram, it was truly on a whim. She followed the accounts I originally followed (before I handed over my former blog/Instagram to her - that's for another blog post); she began liking many of the accounts / bloggers I used to like. One in particular caught her attention because this particular blogger spoke about her daughter and son and always a "fun purse". Bean decided to begin commenting on said blogger's posts and even taking it a step further (with my permission) to ask her questions about Charleston. Those same comments and direct message questions helped to begin one of the truest Instagram turned reality friendships we've established since this crazy ride began. This prelude to Bean's "Why she loves ____" speaks to Chassity Evans' welcoming spirit and brand, @LookLingerLove. She was one of the first to welcome Bean into the blogger fold but also has welcomed us into her family. Her genuineness is further shown due to her continued dedication in helping to #amplifymelanatedvoices. - Mom

Miss Chassity will always stand out to me because when we were visiting Charleston she took time to meet me and my mom and my mom's god-sister for brunch. That meant a lot because not a lot of bloggers really pay someone my age any attention because they may think I'm not serious about what I do. Miss Chassity saw that I was just like her daughter and even introduced me to the Ivy and Bean books. Her Instagram helps to promote positivity and realness and she is there to answer any questions I always have. Her daughter is also one of my favorites because she is always working on new things like her soap, @SohpShop , which is soap that has a magical surprise inside of it! That's pretty awesome. I know that Miss Chassity is someone that will help continue to change the world. I can sense it! - Bean

A Snack Break with Bean, ft. Chassity Evans, aka @LookLingerLove

Photo Courtesy: @looklingerlove

How is it living so close to the water?

I'm a Pisces so it's in my nature to want to be near water. I love living here in Charleston (click here for Miss Chassity's Charleston Guide!); the Lowcountry is a magical part of the world and I find the marsh to be very calming and beautiful. The Pluff mud smell does take some getting used to. I love seeing cargo ships sailing into port after weeks at sea. I love the cotton candy sunsets. I love an afternoon boat ride with my family. My "me time" is more often than not going for a walk along the water with some good music in my headphones.

What is your favorite part about the house you're living in? Why?

There are 2 things that I love equally about our home: The meandering layout lets each room live as it's own space while still feeling connected. Also, I love the light and bright, cheery feel thanks to the sunlight pouring in all throughout the day (and lots of white paint and colorful accents help this, too).

Photo Courtesy: @looklingerlove

Photo Courtesy: @looklingerlove

Photo Courtesy: @looklingerlove

How did Lilly come up with the idea of fun soap?

Lilly got a soap making kit for her 9th birthday and was making soaps to sell for a charity lemonade stand. She wanted to appeal to kids so she put a couple of her small toys inside (I remember a Pokemon was one of them). It was such a fun idea that we decided to help her start Sohp Shop!

Photo Courtesy: @looklingerlove

When you decided to help share how people can help others with Black Lives Matter, were you afraid to lose friends or people that follow you?

I honestly didn't think about that. I did lose about 200 followers, and honestly I'm glad they left. Why ever anyone would disagree with the Black Lives Matter movement is something that I just don't understand, and I don't really want to count them in my network. I was amazed to see people in our country and in my Charleston community openly dismiss it. You could say that April 2020 was a very eye opening moment in time for me, and I'm certain many others can say the same thing. But back to your question, when I started my blog nearly 10 years ago (in 2 months it will be my 10 year anniversary!!) gaining a huge following was never my purpose. Rather, I wanted to build a community that I would want to be a part of. I don't often speak out about world events, but maybe it's time I do some more of that!

Last question: how are you planning on making a positive impact during this time?

Listening. Speaking up about what I feel is right and what is wrong. Actively diversify so that I can be a true friend and ally. Getting to know you and your family the last couple of years has been a true joy. You are a shining star and I hope that you'll always count me in your corner.

Thanks so much for thinking of me, Bean!!

Thank you, Miss Chassity! And that's all for today's "Snack Break"! You are an awesome mom to Fletcher and Lilly, the perfect Miller's All Day friend, and totally epic! - Bean

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