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Ballet is Life ... w/ Alessandra Ball James

I got to interview a really awesome ballerina thanks to the Charlotte Ballet. The Charlotte Ballet had Fall Works; I was able to make some arts + crafts and watch a neat performance. My favorite performance was "Walking Mad" because the dancers did funky chicken dances and looked like they were having an outside party. The ballerina I talked to is Alex (Alessandra) Ball James, @burritojames (on Instagram). She talked to me about being a ballerina and what she enjoys about being a pretty AWESOME dancer. I like her a lot. I hope to see her again in "The Nutcracker," premiering Dec. 9th at the Charlotte Ballet. Enjoy my interview and hope to see you again soon! - Bean

Hanging out with Alex is definitely on the top of Bean's list as "AWESOMEST" moments. / Photo Credit: Caroline Edwards

With Bean taking up an interest in ballet, it seemed quite fortuious for this opprtonuity to fall into our laps. Thank you Samantha Salvato (of the Charlotte Ballet) for reaching out and looping Bean into this awesome opportunity! Thank you Charlotte Ballet for allowing Bean to hang out with this awesome ballet company. Also, thank you to student photographer, Caroline Edwards, @carolinedwards. I was able to connect with her thanks to a colleague; she definitely helped us out in a time crunch. What a gem!- Mom

OUTFIT DETAILS: Bean's dress: J.Crew (no longer available; similar style here) / Hairbow: The Treehouse VIP (courtesy of Monica Peters for Dot Dot Smile) / Shoe: Zara Kids

Photo Credit: Caroline Edwards

6+ Questions with Alex (Alessandra) Ball James of the Charlotte Ballet

1. What’s your favorite ballet move? A Fouetté turn; I can show you some Fouetté turns if you want me to. (Note: See Alex in action by clicking here.)

2. Where’s your favorite place to dance? I love dancing here at Charlotte Ballet; I have actually left and come back a couple of times, and I always tell the company that they can’t keep me away because I love it so much.

3. Where were you born? I was born in Atlanta, GA.

4. What does your house look like on the inside? It looks like … you know what – there’s a lot of pink on the inside; I have a lot of blush pink in my house and a lot of gold. So my outfit actually looks a lot like the inside of my house today.

Alex's blush + bashful abode. / Photo Credit: Charlotte Observer

5. Why did you want to be a dancer?5. I wanted to be a dancer because I’m was so passionate about it; it’s what fulfilled me and made me the most happy. So, I was really thankful that I was able to do it as a job.

6. Do you ever mess up on some of the dance moves? All the time; and we always say that’s about not about doing things perfectly, but it’s about knowing how to save things when you mess it up.

7. Which dance move is the hardest for you? Sometimes doing very slow movements are hard, because every little time you get off balance – the audience sees that. So, that’s difficult to do really slow, controlled moves.

8. Do you have any sisters or brothers? I do! I have one sister (younger).

9. Do you like spaghetti and cheese balls? I do!

10. Did you know a real flower’s name is "Appopopolis Kapopolis"? I didn’t know that; now I do. ;) (Note: Bean made this name up; I'm sure that's quite evident. #LOL)

Photo Credit: Caroline Edwards

11. What’s your ballet teacher’s name? We have a lot of teachers here at the company, but our artistic director is named Hope Muir; she’s new this year.

12. How old are you? I’m really old! Do I have to answer that? Ha! I’m 3-. (Note: Bean has since learned that a lady never reveals her age. ;) - Mom)

13. Can you drive a car? I can; kind of… depends on who you ask.

Questions for Bean … Alex turned the tables and asked Bean a few questions. Enjoy!

14. What’s your favorite step? Pique! Just the tapping one.

15. Do you have any pets? No, because my mom is allergic to cats and my brother is scared of dogs and cats.

16. What’s your favorite subject in school? Math and reading.

17. What’s your favorite color? Pink and purple.

18. What’s your favorite part in "The Nutcracker"? When the nutcracker comes and the mice!

Photo Credit: Caroline Edwards

A nice lady at Fall Works made this for me; I still have it!


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