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Bean's Picks: Brands + Stores

Eva's House

Thanks to Instagram (as is the case with many brands that we've come to love)- we discovered Eva's House. Designed and created by Eva, her bows are best likened to art. Shipped from Switzerland, Eva always makes it a point to write a beautiful note with each purchase just to say "Thank you!". Additionally, since her bows are hand-made, it gives each piece a sense of it being a ready made heirloom since it hails from Switzerland and is not available everywhere you turn. Being a mother, Eva understands that her pieces have to be durable yet never scrimps on the craftsmanship. 

Henny and Coco

Like many brands (and stores) that we love, Henny and Coco began due to the owner/ designer being inspired by her two kiddies. Jennifer, founder/ceo/designer, lives the positive lifestyle that her brand speaks to: little girls who love life, smiling, being themselves, and looking adorably fierce. Her brand is inclusive and "totes epic" (as Bean likes to say). Per the brand's website, Henny and Coco began when "Jennifer couldn’t find the dainty bows and other accessories for her daughter, so she set out to find the best quality leathers, ribbon, tulle, and beads to make her daughters accessories. From there the ideas kept flowing and she kept designing!"

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