Bean's Picks: Brands + Stores

"After working in retail for many years, [Catherine] was inspired to create something of [her] own - especially after having [her] son in January 2016. The name Blue Sage comes from the street [she] grew up on. To [her], the name represents all the playful memories of [her] childhood. [She] hopes to translate those memories into the clothes and accessories in the shop and that they might help create memories for your little ones." In 2017, Catherine became a mother of two. As a result, her children continue to be an inspiration for the pieces she pulls for her adorable online boutique. Bean LOVES possibly every.single.piece of clothing Catherine offers (and the clothing is affordable so Mama loves that!). 

Eva's House

Thanks to Instagram (as is the case with many brands that we've come to love)- we discovered Eva's House. Designed and created by Eva, her bows are best likened to art. Shipped from Switzerland, Eva always makes it a point to write a beautiful note with each purchase just to say "Thank you!". Additionally, since her bows are hand-made, it gives each piece a sense of it being a ready made heirloom since it hails from Switzerland and is not available everywhere you turn. Being a mother, Eva understands that her pieces have to be durable yet never scrimps on the craftsmanship. 

Henny and Coco

Like many brands (and stores) that we love, Henny and Coco began due to the owner/ designer being inspired by her two kiddies. Jennifer, founder/ceo/designer, lives the positive lifestyle that her brand speaks to: little girls who love life, smiling, being themselves, and looking adorably fierce. Her brand is inclusive and "totes epic" (as Bean likes to say). Per the brand's website, Henny and Coco began when "Jennifer couldn’t find the dainty bows and other accessories for her daughter, so she set out to find the best quality leathers, ribbon, tulle, and beads to make her daughters accessories. From there the ideas kept flowing and she kept designing!"

Kustom Klutch

The creation of Jordan Fish, Kustom Klutch ended up on our radar in 2016 and we've been hooked ever since. Bean has acquired at least two klutches and even more recently - has set her sights on the "Tay Tay Klutch," which features iridescent leather and unicorns for the lining. #winnerwinner Per Jordan, "Our klutches are handcrafted with love. Seriously. Each klutch is made to order, so you can guarantee your klutch is one of a kind! No 2 bags are ever the same! Everything is handmade from the exterior, to the lining to the zipper. Our 100% genuine leather bags are beautifully lined with fun prints and a quality metal zipper. Accessorize your klutch with a fur pom, wristlet, or a bright tassel! Kustomize it even more with one of our handmade charms with a name, saying, or small phrase of your very own. It truly is a KUSTOM KLUTCH, made for you, by YOU!" 

Mac & Mia

Mac & Mia "offers parents a remarkably easy way to accentuate their children’s wardrobe with curated items of style and quality. Each item is hand-selected to meet a family’s unique preferences and items are designed to fit, feel and look great on your little ones. [They] weave a tale of love, care and individuality into every box [they] ship." Each guest receives a stylist that works with him/her to curate the perfect items for wee ones. And an added plus, they've begun to expand their offerings to include size 7. 

Poppy Whitaker

The owner's goal is "for her business is to present original designs and showcase handmade, unique details, in limited release batches. She believes it's essential for each girl to embrace her inner whimsy, style up a fun dress, and just stop to twirl every once in awhile! Jamie, owner, prides herself in providing local jobs and supporting the shop local culture." Jamie and Kerri have helped to carve a creative niche in the Charlotte area for mini-fashionistas in need of one-of-a-kind pieces. And - Poppy Whitaker's dresses are locally-made right here in Charlotte, NC. 


As described by Carolyn, owner of tiny, (and yes- the "t" is lower-case), this children's store is "a charming boutique located in the heart of Charlotte, NC, offer[ing] a unique collection of clothing, accessories, and toys for children of all ages. The shop opened its doors in 2014 as a way to bring exclusive brands, previously only found in major metropolitan cities, to the Charlotte area. [Carolyn] has worked in the retail industry for over 20 years and is able to use her experience, and keen eye, to curate a collection of delightful children's clothing from all over the world." What's even more exquisite about this store is that it offers luxury brands that sometimes aren't available state-side - for children (ex. Vivetta for Kids). Thanks to tiny, Bean has become well-versed in a myriad of brands and trinkets. 

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