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Peachy Bean

“Live your sweetest life...” - Unknown

It’s spring and I’m so happy that it is here. Spring is great because flowers are growing but I’m not happy about the allergies part. I got to take some pretty photos with my mom’s friend (and my friend) Megan (of Milk and Honey Photography Co.). She let me play with peach pits and hold pretty flowers.

I created my outfit for the photos and it was awesome! My dress was minty green (but didn’t taste minty green; that’s just the color). My mom got it for me from Rainey’s Closet . It was cool because I got to wear it and then return it. I wish I could have kept it but I have enough clothes and it’s better to share. Oh! I wore my favorite tennis shoes (they’re sparkly!) and a really velvety bow that’s one of my favorite colors- PINK!!! Eva’s House always sends pretty bows.

My mom got the dress sent to our house and then she returned it to the post office when I was done. She said it was easy and it didn’t bother her to have to do it. I really want to get another dress from them and I made sure to send a thank you note.

If you have never played in a peach tree - you should! It’s awesome and it smells like glitter. - Bean

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