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Mint to Be

Photo Credit: Sunshower Photography, Amy Kolodziej {Charlotte, NC}

Today is National Ice Cream Day and guess what? I didn't even know it until this morning. My MiMi was watching the news and the newscaster announced it! I decided that since it is National Ice Cream Day that I would share my favorite places to get ice cream in Fort Mill, SC, and Charlotte, NC. I know I won't name every place because there are probably a gazillion places, but I hope you like my list. There are still a lot of places for me to try. Hope you get to have a scoop (or ten!) of ice cream today! Happy Sundae (get it, like an ice cream sundae?) (My mom helped me with that one!). P.S. What is your favorite flavor? Mine is Mint Chocolate! Yummy. - Bean

Bruster's Real Ice Cream - I really like the one in Fort Mill, SC, because the people are really nice that work there. Also, the ice cream is really good. It's on the softer side (or at least that's what my MiMi says) but it doesn't melt quickly either. I think it's really sweet and great and they have fun flavors that a lot of places don't. I always get their mint chocolate chip!

Two Scoops Ice Cream - I had Two Scoops when I went to an event with the Charlotte Ballet. It was perfectly made and really yummy. My mom even had some and it didn't make her stomach hurt like some other ice cream does. One of the guys that owns it was really nice and he explained the flavor to all of us. I like that it is in Charlotte and not far from home. They have really fun flavors too and a fun place to take pictures.

Le Macaron Charlotte - I had violet flavored ice cream here! Violet! So I got to taste one of the colors of the rainbow; how neat? I was so excited to try it and my friend Shannon is the one that helped me choose. Le Macaron also has macarons there which are also really yummy. I would tell you to put a macaron on your ice cream scoop when you go there!

Golden Cow Creamery - This one is in Charlotte, NC, and the people that work there remind me of people from Greenville, SC, which means they are very nice. They also have a lot of flavors and help you make your choices without rushing you. They take their time with you.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream - I tried this ice cream in Charleston. My mom told me that there is one opening in Charlotte soon so I'm really excited about that. The ice cream is fun and makes your stomach feel like there's magic in it, which is a good thing and not a bad thing! I can't wait for this one to open up. My mom signed me up to get updates.

Make it a great day! And week! #HappyNationalIceCreamDay

Note: All opinions, thoughts stated are that specifically of Bean, a precocious 7-year-old who plans to become a doctor, model, POTUS, and teacher. ;)

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