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Walk this Way

Photo Credit: Sunshower Photography {Charlotte, NC}

Fashion is based off of whatever you want it to be. I think that's why I want to go to New York Fashion Week because everyone is wearing what they want. Just like I wore my cowboy boots with my fancy outfit! I'm making a goal that I will go to NYFW by the time I'm 10. I don't want to walk in any shows or anything; I want to sit front row and write about the fashion. But if the designer wants me to wear her clothes, then I will of course! So, with my mom, I went through all of the fashions and chose my favorites. Hope you like them! Enjoy! Totes! - Bean

Bean's New York Fashion Week Roundup: The Totes of Totes


1. Brandon Maxwell, Letter "B"

Photo Credit: Monika Kratochvil {New York, NY}

2. Oscar de la Renta, Bird Cage Purse

Photo Credit: Vogue Magazine

Fall Ready

3. Jonathan Simkhai, Gingham + Plaid

Photo Credit: India Hartford Davis

4. Tory Burch, Carmel Lines

Photo Credit: Vogue Magazine

5. Blair Eadie, Tartan, Plaid, and Greens #hearteyes

Photo Credit: Blair Eadie {New York, NY}

6. Tanya Taylor, More Gingham

Photo Credit: Tanya Taylor

Fancy Schmancy

7. Oyemwen, Tut(ulle) Cute

Photo Credit: Framed + Blessed {New York, NY}

8. Blair Eadie, Feather Friends

Photo Credit: Blair Eadie

9. Rodarte, Swan

Photo Credit: Vogue Magazine

10. Oscar de la Renta, Ball of Sunshine

Photo Credit: Vogue Magazine

11. Rodarte, Flowers + Clouds

Photo Credit: Rodarte

12. Rodarte, Puffs of Candy

Photo Credit: Rodarte

13. Sai De Silva, Sparkle and Shine

Photo Credit: George Elder {New York, NY}

Hope you enjoyed! Finis!

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