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Get On Up!

I'm the guilty party. Bean first found out about the urbane collage blog @UptheGetUp due to my foray in "bridal styling". Since I've closed that chapter in my life (welcome back to the classroom, teacher!), Bean has taken on many of my (continued) interests ... especially since falling in love with @OvertheMoon, which happens to feature @UptheGetUp's beautifully created collages frequently. So, it only made sense for Bean to reach out to the mastermind behind these very same collages that feature styling boards for A-list Celebs as well as super-chic models and #tastemakers in the fashion world. Bean - take it away.... - Mom

I am in love with collages so I was happy that my friend from @UptheGetUp let me interview her. I did promise that I wouldn't reveal too much about who she is since she's kind of shy. Her collages are like dreams on paper but I guess more like dreams on the phone since that's where I always see them. I really liked the collage she did for Princess Meghan Markle for the Royal Wedding. I also like the ones she does when it is for a season because it gives me ideas on what I can wear eventhough I'm 7. I hope you enjoy reading more about Natalie who lives in Texas and go and pick your favorite @UptheGetUp collage too! - Bean

7+ Questions w/ ... Heather of "Up the Get Up"

1. What is your favorite dress, why? My favorite dress is my wedding dress, because I wore it on my favorite day.

2. Have you ever made anything like a dress, shirt, skirt? Although I don’t know how to sew, I’ve worked with talented people who can to design dresses. I love choosing the fabric and working with them to create a piece of clothing. I also love finding vintage dresses and getting them altered into items I can wear today.

3. What is your favorite food? Pizza and candy :)

4. What is your favorite thing to do Texas? I love spending time with my husband. We like traveling to new places and exploring the state, discovering new restaurants and artists, and being outdoors.

5. What is your favorite TV show? How long have you watched it? I actually don’t watch TV too often – I prefer spending time with my family or doing something creative.

6. What is your favorite season + why? Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love when the temperature gets cooler, baking pumpkin muffins and celebrating Halloween.

7. What kind of boardgames do you play? My favorite game to play is Mah-Jong. I also really enjoy puzzles and card games.

8. What is your favorite thing to drink? A martini :) I also really like apple juice and milkshakes.

9. Are all of your collages based on seasons or different things? Yes! Each collage is inspired by something different – whether it’s an event I have coming up, a movie, a place, or even a color. I like to think of my collages as paper dolls and there’s nothing I enjoy more than imagining what outfits to wear to an occasion.

10. Have you ever put an actual face in one of your collages? If not, who would you use? I’ve only used faces once! It was in a collage inspired by Kelly O’Connor, one of my favorite artists from San Antonio who makes the most incredible pieces using a collage-style. I borrowed some of her heads and dressed them up, which you can see here.

11. Have you ever done a photoshoot? If yes - what was it for? If no - what would you make it about? The only photoshoots I’ve done have been for my cats, Mochi and Bobo. I love dressing them up in silly costumes (even though they don’t like it too much!).

12. Have you ever made a collage from real things? Like leaves and flowers? I used to make collages out of photographs of me and my friends – I would use scissors and glue to make them birthday cards. I bet a collage made out of leaves and flowers would look really cool!

13. Why did you want to make a lot of collages? I’m a lawyer, so making collages for my blog is my hobby. I think it’s important to have something in your life that helps you release stress and be creatively fulfilled, and that’s what the collages do for me. What I love most of all is how I’ve been able to connect with others (like you!) through my collages, since there are many people who also love fashion or may need help shopping.

14. Have you ever put frosting on pizza? Would you ever want to taste it if you haven’t? I haven’t tried that yet – but I definitely would! Sounds yummy :)

Thank you Miss Natalie for answering my questions. I can't wait to work with you in the future! Okay, bye! Finis! - Bean

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