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A Note of Thanks

Hi! It's Bean. I think that it is super awesome to receive notes of thanks from shops. I really like when my mom buys things and there's a note saying "Thank you" from the owner. When I went to Capitol, right when you walk in, there is a wall that tells people to leave a love note. I wrote one for Mrs. Poole and the nice ladies of Capitol and poole shop. I told my mom I wanted to use a blank wall in my room to make my own note wall. I found all of my notes from people and had her help me. She pinned many of them to the wall for me and I did the bottom row. I had fun figuring out where to place them. It was a like a puzzle. I remember seeing a designer from Greenville do the same thing when she was hanging art. (SN: Bean is referencing Amanda Louise Campbell of @amandalouiseinteriors). See below on everything I did! Have a great Monday! Toodles! - Bean

NOTE: All photos of Bean in the Swan Dress are by Sunshower Photography.

Capitol features "Love Letters" from those who have stopped in to see the pretty clothing and buy. I didn't buy anything but I did interview Mrs. Poole!

For my wall, I first figured out which letters and pictures I wanted to use. My mom helped me with the push pins since she didn't want to use nails. She made sure I was being safe. I have kept a lot of the notes in my top drawer. I then placed them on my bed with my mom's help. I then decided which letters and pictures I wanted on my wall.

I love how it ended up. Thank you Mom! I'm glad Capitol gave me this idea. I think it is a nice thing to do because it reminds you to be thankful and it reminds that there are nice people in the world. My wall has my favorite artist, Frida Kahlo. I started liking Frida because of my friend Marisa (@theneonteaparty). She likes Frida and she also likes poms. I have a note from her too!

PC: Sunshower Photography (NOTE: All photos of Capitol are credited to Sunshower Photography)

Hope you enjoyed and hope you do something like this. It is really fun and will make you smile! Xx- Bean

Bean's Outfit: Dress, courtesy of Little Goodall / Shoe, GoldenGoose (FarFetch) / Bows, Kixx Shoes of Charlotte


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